Perspect+: perspect2

For youth in 9th grade to 12th grade, Perspect+ is our weekly youth group for high school students. Perspect+ fuses the traditional Bible study and fellowship activities of a typical youth group with a youth initiative program that focuses on artistic expression, community building, and entrepreneurship. Perspect+ goes on many outings to expose youth to new perspectives and ways of expressing themselves – outings include trips to art galleries, the theater, dance performances and opera productions. Perspect+ meets Mondays from 6-8 PM in the sanctuary.

To establish a youth program that gives youth the opportunities to learn and use leadership skills to create change in their environment while strengthening their relationships with parents, teachers, students and the community at large.

Executive Summary
Perspect+, the youth initiative, taps into the leadership potential of today’s youth, creating a bond between other youth programs and organizations, the city’s high schools, local businesses and neighboring communities to engage together in creating a thriving and unified community. The program will reinforce the Church’s responsibility to the youth, by the way of teaching organizational and leadership skills, as well developing a solid understanding of entrepreneurship.

The program will be firmly rooted in the various ministries and businesses of Celebration Tabernacle, giving the youth a solid yet eclectic base of experiences to draw from and opportunities for involvement in community action. From there, the program will branch out into neighboring communities and cities, in which the youth will design, create and produce events that support the leadership and community qualities of Perspect+. The ultimate objective of Perspect+ is to train the youth to use the tools that are already within them to give them the power and the confidence to empower themselves and enrich their communities.




For youth in 4th grade to 8th grade, AIM8 is our weekly youth group for late-elementary and junior high school students. AIM8 uses Bible studies, group discussions, games, activities and community service outings to teach youth the principles of the Bible as well as equip them with important leadership skills. The AIM8 also participate in bigger activities, such as overnight events and the yearly camping trip. AIM8 meet Fridays from 6-8 PM in the sanctuary.